About our radio

About our radio

The Saint Stephen Radio has one of the largest coverage areas of all the regional radios in Hungary. Our centre is in Eger, and we have been working as a regional public radio service for 9 years, 24 hours a day. Our coverage area extends is from the outskirts of Budapest to Sub-Carpathia and from Szolnok to Kassa, so that we can reach about 1.5 million people.
In our programmes we would like to give something good, novel and of permanent value to our listeners who demand cultural and socializing programmes and programmes that create values, to listeners who wish to have real knowledge about social, national and individual questions, who are interested in art, who would like to listen to discussions and analyses which help their self-development, and above all who wish to listen to manifestations of sincere respect and of fraternal love.
Most of the radio programmes are public service broadcasting about important questions concerning our everyday life, economy, society and culture. The radio "builds on" the human voice, its ratio is 53,45 % and the rest is music.

image"The aim of our radio is the same as that of the Church:
to serve the salvation of everyone"


Dr. Seregély István
Archbishop Emeritus of Eger
the founder of our radio

The Saint Stephen Radio started broadcasting on 20 August 2000 on FM 95,1 MHz (from Miskolc) and FM 91,8 MHz joint frequency (from Eger). In 2002 2 more frequencies were added FM 90,6 MHz (from Sátoraljaújhely) and FM 94 MHz (from Hatvan), and this made it possible to reach 1.5 million people. The broadcast can be received in Slovakia and in Ukraine as well.
The Saint Stephen Radio soon became really popular and internationally known, and since 2001 it has been an appreciated member of the European Conference of Christian Radios.

The programme of the Saint Stephen Radio

It is not only a possibility but also a duty for our radio to involve various parts of society in the making of programmes. Because as the Vatican document "Communio et progressio" says :"the church does not speak and listen to her own members along; her dialogue is with the whole world". This is our mission.

Donations for the Radio

Dear listeners!
Please support our foundation, so that we could continue spreading the good news in the future!
The Hungarian Catholic Radio Foundation is a public interest organization, and to be able to operate the Saint Stephen Radio it needs financial support from the listeners. The foundation was registered by Heves County Court on 26th May 1997 under number A-519.
According to the law on personal income tax unfortunately there is no tax benefit for donations given to foundations. We hope that despite this fact we can still count on your generosity.

Important information on giving donations

If you would like to send donation by post you can ask for a cheque (please let us know your name and address):
Our address is: Magyar Katolikus Rádió Alapítvány 3301 Eger, Pf. 86.
Phone: +36 36/510-610
E-mail: Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse.

Inland transfer:
- the name of the bank account holder: Magyar Katolikus Rádió Alapítvány
- bank account number: 11102003-18578726-10000001

International transfer:
- the name of the bank account holder: Magyar Katolikus Rádió Alapítvány
- bank account number(IBAN): HU42 1110 2003 1857 8726 1000 0001
- the name of the bank: CIB Bank Zrt. Egri Fiók
- the address of the bank: 3300 Eger, Érsek u. 1.

Please support our church and our radio!

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